Restoring well productivity is our business

The Optimizing-Production Services Company

When well production slows down sometimes it is not simply due to natural reservoir depletion. Sometimes it is because of downhole problems that happen in one or more wells. In order to fix the issues, the relevant possible causes should be found in a time and cost-effective manner. Provided there are sufficient reserves to justify the cost, it is in the oil and gas operating company’s best interest to rectify the issues.

We serve the industry by finding the issues of declining production that are not associated with natural reservoir decline, making a case to justify the effort to fix the issues, elaborating the required action plans or technological solutions, and promoting our participation in related execution tasks—all ultimately in order to save production.

Our team is autonomous, competent, connected and comprised of talented and experienced individuals with global experience, who constantly strive to attain the best possible results through practical expertise, a pool of knowledge and access to top-of-the-line technology.

Our skills, expertise and experience particularly on well data evaluation and interpretation, combined with our unique infrastructure for subsurface data acquisition have been benefiting a range of oil and gas companies which operate marginal fields throughout Indonesia by improving production rates and reducing the overall cost.

Our field of work includes multitudes of activities that can be accomplished with wireline or slickline, coiled tubing, artificial lifts equipment and other methods of rigless intervention for a wide array of national and multinational oil and gas operating companies.

We thank you for giving us this opportunity to contribute.

Alan Perdana

President Director

Vision, Mission and Value

Indonesia—our home country—can no longer be considered a notable oil-producing country, let alone an oil rich one, on a global scale. Existing reserves have been almost fully exhausted and the country’s consumption rate has much exceeded its production/output rate, not to mention the typical lack of oil and gas exploration efforts.

It is a complex situation that Indonesia and many other countries face. Nevertheless, we believe that there is a significant impact to be made if we—all stakeholders—focus on the effort to save considerable production output that can be saved. It is about time to be a bigger part of the solution.

We intend to make our most valuable contribution to the industry by being that capability to help recover the oil production output that is not currently getting to the surface due to ultimately fixable problems.

With regard to that—and definitely as a committed participant with a vested interest in the industry—Iliadi’s first mission is decidedly to usher in change to the norms, attitudes and management perspectives in responding to Indonesia’s oil and gas production challenges.

Our core tenets are the constant strive to optimize the production of existing wells, personal dedication to innovation and a ‘can do’ approach, respect for the environment and collaborative entrepreneurial efforts that creatively mimic the discipline and efficiency of a global multinational corporation.


Alan Perdana

President Director

A determined engineer with a geophysical engineering degree from Institute of Technology Bandung and more than a decade’s worth of experience working in the oil and gas upstream services sector as field engineer as well as business line managers for Schlumberger and Eastern National Oilfield Services in a number of different countries.

Special interests and roles include leadership, wireline new technology, finance, performance management, service delivery, creating value, world history, and assembling a company with the most talented Indonesian employees for the world.

Asfan Hasbiantoro

Marketing and Sales

A steady achiever with an electrical engineering degree from Universitas Gajah Mada and extensive wireline experience from working for Schlumberger with past assignments in Indonesia, India and Sudan.

Special interests and roles include marketing strategy, fit-for-purpose technology identification, petroleum engineering, cased-hole logging, memory logging, smart perforation practices, production logging, fancy gadgets and Javanese culture.

Tony Supriadi

Industrial Relations

An economics major graduate with a special knack for deal-making and building up high-value business contacts and networks who had been honing his skills and competency by roaming around the oil and gas fields in Sumatra since the late eighties for Schlumberger.

Experience ranges from a significant role as wireline field technician, base supervisor up to providing operations support and customer support for over ten years.

Special interests and roles include relationship management, opportunity identification, trading activities, different artificial lifting methods for marginal fields, customer satisfaction, golf, some fun and profit.

Yunanto Wibowo


A proud mechanical engineer who has many special tricks to offer for excellent well intervention jobs, and has also risen through the ranks within the industry—starting from a field hand position to being one of the most respected slickline champions in the country.

Special interests and roles include well intervention techniques, anything that can be done with advanced slickline technology, project management, health and safety, fishing (both in well and in water), logistical challenge, motorbike and off-road traveling.

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