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Iliadi offers a series of rig-less logging operations through its premium slickline equipments, which helps to optimize well monitoring and surveillance. These cost-effective logging suites comprise of:

  1. Combined Production Logging and Annular Flow Analysis
    The approach is based on the difference we could make by having full picture of fluid flow inside and behind the casing.
    The combination of Iliadi's Memory Production Logging Tool (MPLT) and Memory Annular Flow Analysis Tool (MAFA) can give a better and more comprehensive downhole flow understanding of a producer or injector well.
    By knowing the flow profile inside casing and behind casing, we sould be able to identify the presence of any water contribution from nearby intervals in produces wells or any thief water-injecting zones. This more comprehensive knowledge will help to evaluate, analyze, and deciding a well servicing program. Rectifying relevant problems will definitely have impact on well productivity.
    The MPLT consists of measuring sensors of pressure, temperature, spinner, density, capacitance, gamma ray, and casing collar locator.
    The MAFA is equipped with very sensitive acoustic sensors recording frequency spectrum within sonic to ultrasonic range and a high-resolution temperature sensor which its output is applicable for behind-casing flow identification, channeling flow identification, locating open perforations, detecting leaks in tubing or packer and other related diagnosis.
  2. Memory Reservoir Saturation Tool
    One of the keys to continuously improve well production is regular monitoring of well reservoir saturation during its production period. Selecting zone(s) to reperforate - which is of an utmost important step for marginal field's life - would greatly helped by having information from Memory Reservoir Saturation Tool (MRST) downhole measurement that would determine bypassed hydrocarbon and changes in oil water contact level.
  3. Multifinger Caliper
    Our current technology on corrosion monitoring services is The Memory Multifinger Caliper (MMFC), the 24-finger caliper whereas each finger would be independently measuring while logging up. This distinguished technology provides highly accurate radial measurements of inside diameter of tubing and casing. The 3D output of the tubular internal diameter radial measurement dor maximum viewing experience is also available.
  4. Downhole Video
    Seeing is believing. Nothing is more demanded than seeing the inside section of the well when problems related to tubular deformation or left-behind fish occurs and could not be identified with the conventional impression block. We also provide high definition downhole video images with our Memory Downhole Video (MDHV). This method is applicable for cases in drilling (fishing, obstruction), completion (water entry, perforation inspection, sanding identification), and geology (open hole barefoot completion imaging).
    • High resolution high frame rate, ability to see fluid/particles flow movement inside wellbone.
    • High Memory capacity for slickline operations.
    • Combinability with Memory Production Logging Tool (MPLT), Memory Multifinger Caliper (MMFC), and Memory Annular Flow Analysis Tool (MAFA).

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