Products & Services

Premium Slickline

To put it simply, our Premium Slickline Services is designed for well interventions. The services included are:

  1. To set and retrieve Flow Control Devices or Plugs
  2. SSSV Installation and Retrieval
  3. GLV Installation and Retrieval
  4. Zone Changing
  5. Cement or Chemical Dump Billing
  6. Sand Billing
  7. Tubing Puncher
  8. Fishing Operations
  9. High Deviated Well Operations

Products & Services

Memory Logging

Iliadi offers a series of rig-less logging operations through its premium slickline equipments, which helps to optimize well monitoring and surveillance. These cost-effective logging suites comprise of:

  1. Memory Production Logging
    To identify the flow of fluid in the oil wells at production zones injection flow injector as well as part of Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects.
  2. Memory Pulse Neutron Neutron
    Utilizing the Pulse Neutron Neutron Logging technology instead of the older Pulse Neuron Gamma Ray Logging. This technology evaluates the formation and flow behind the casing to identify the bypass of hydrocarbons in a relatively lower water salinity environment.
  3. Memory Well Integrity
    This evaluates the cement bond behind the casing (memory Bond Logging Tool), to evaluate a leak in the casing of flow behind the casing (Memory Noise Tool) and to evaluate the inner casing or tubing diameter (Multi-finger Caliper Tools).
  4. Bottom Hole Pressure and Temperature Survey
    The Bottom Hole Pressure and Temperature Survey is a cost-effective way to obtain reservoir management data.

Products & Services

EOR Materials

Well Stimulation Surfactant

When a well produces an overabundance of water and decreasing amounts of oil, companies suffer. This is when the savvy field hand reaches for a well-stimulation surfactant agent, a compound that lowers the surface (or interfacial) tension between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid. We at Iliadi provide a variety of surfactant chemicals in order to dramatically reduce your water production while simultaneously increasing your oil production.

Artificial Lift Solutions

Submersible pumps are multi-staged centrifugal pumps where each stage consists of an impeller and diffuser. Iliadi’s offering is a compression mixed flow abrasion resistant pump. This approach opens a wide application range for oil production in harsh environments.

Our pumps are capable of producing well fluids with commonly associated debris, free gas and emulsions from the reservoir, creating appropriate bottom hole pressure drawdown. We also provide radial stages and floater type pumps for low production applications.

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