Low Frequency Seismic Sounding

Traditionally, seismic data used to analyse geological structure and estimate reservoir capacity, while questions on production estimate remain current and unpredictable. Low Frequency Seismic Sounding (LFSS) has been developed to solve this hydrocarbon prospecting issue. LFSS method is based on effect of anomalous reflection of low-frequency natural seismic waves by hydrocarbon deposits.

  • Layered geological environment is considered as a filter of seismic vibrations.
  • Hydrocarbon deposit is an anomalous object of seismic waves reflection at frequency 1 to 5 Hz.
Hydrocarbon prospecting solutions:
  • Oil and gas potential forecast in geological structures identified by seismic.
  • Oil and gas fields delineation.
  • Non-structural hydrocarbon deposits identification.
Key advantages:
  • Environmental friendly
  • Ability to work in difficult terrain
  • Efficiency
Application of Low frequency Seismic Sounding in complex structure with standard seismic allows to identify and delineate hydrocarbon deposits as well as maintain a high level of drilling efficiency.

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